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Crop Input Products

Dry Fertilizer

About our Dry Fertilizer Products

Balanced fertility is the key to maximizing yield. Our agronomy experts will work with you to determine a nutrient program individualized to your farm.

We Provide

  • Individualized blend options
  • Efficient and accurate blending
  • Variety of product storage options
  • Micronutrient and nitrogen stabilizer
  • Ability to source additional products


State of the art blending facility operational at the Moosomin location. Service is important! This facility delivers on product selection, accuracy, and efficiency with a blending capacity of 300 MT/hour to get our customers back to the field.

Vertical Batch Blenders

Available in Langenburg and Stockholm.


46-0-0 | ESN 44-0-0 | Super U


11-52-0 | 16-20-0-13 | 12-45-0-5 1 ZN | 5-28-0-10 MG | 9-43-0-16 | 14-24-0-10S




21-0-0-24 | 20.5-0-0-24 | 12-0-0-50 0-0-0-90 | 0-0-0-85 | 16-1-0-20S

Product is available at all Sharpe’s locations. Contact us to discuss your individualized nutrient program and blending options.