Managing for MAXIMUM Yield

Essential Agronomics

  • QUALITY SEED – seed test and use a seed treatment
  • TIMING – seed when soil temperature is 2C! (ultra early by +14 days can result in 1.1 bu/ac/day yield gain!)
  • FIELD SELECTION – clean fields, pre-emergence application if necessary. Cereals will give up 10-15% yield to poor weed control!
  • SEEDING RATE – target a seeding rate of 35-40 plants/ft2
  • PLACEMENT – seed spacing no closer than 4mm, narrow row spacing for weed control, seed to moisture
  • EQUIPMENT – planter for best uniformity, do everything you can to have each hoe act the same, knife works good for ultra-early, disc drill for frost seeding
  • SPEED – it’s not a race, slow and steady for tabletop uniformity!
  • FERTILITY – DO NOT CUT BACK! Talk to us to ensure fertility rates, products and placement are on target. Nitrogen split application and timing.
  • YIELD REQUIRES N! – plant growth regulators (PGRs) may be required such as Manipulator or Moddus