Our vision is to inspire the next generation to know agriculture

Agriculture (AG) is one of the main pillars of Saskatchewan’s economy. It is an industry that is complex, innovative and ever-changing. Sharpe’s Crop Services believes in AG awareness just as we believe in being part of the community. Evolving from our already solid community involvement came “Sharpe’s Learn Ag” – a large-scale, field-based, hands-on learning platform to deliver agriculture education to students in our local communities. Learn AG is about providing a realistic picture of AG, to serve as a resource for teachers, to fill in information gaps or correct misguided perceptions about AG, share success stories about AG and to do it all while having fun!

students hosted in the field

raised for community schools

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teachers teaching AG!

We’re on a mission.

  • To provide hands-on, large scale, AG based learning opportunities for students
  • To connect AG to curriculum with exciting live demonstrations and opportunities
  • To be active in our local communities
  • To provide teacher resources and correct misconceptions about agriculture
  • To create a teacher network for idea sharing and collaboration around agriculture projects
  • To engage with, and partner with local AG producers and the AG industry
  • To foster an innovative team of AGvocates that inspire student AGvocacy and post-secondary AG related education

Interested in getting involved? Send your inquiries to claudine.oliver@sharpes.ca

Sharpe’s Learn Ag Spring and Harvest Field Days

Involving all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, live equipment demonstrations and on-site learning stations. To date Sharpe’s has hosted over 4000 students in the field!

Sharpe’s Learn Ag Crop for Community

A platform where we combine the hands on, live demonstrations for ag learning with a fundraising project for the school. We partner with a local cooperator and our role is to coordinate logistics and crop inputs, along with the learning and celebration events within the school. Sharpe’s Crop for Community projects have raised over $85,000 to date!

Learn Ag Food Gardens

On site school food gardens (pizza, french fries, etc) to make the connection “where your food comes from”. These involve student participation in the planting, harvesting and meal preparation complete with fertility, pollination and harvest lessons.

Teacher Workshops

Fostering teacher networks and AG based idea and resource sharing.

Classroom Visits

Sharpe’s Learn AG Team delivers targeted classroom visits to volunteer time, expertise and resources to work with students on AG curriculum topics.

Learn AG is a Sharpe’s Crop Services initiative but would not be possible without the cooperation and participation of our “Partners in Learning” including local ag producers, teachers, Nutrients for Life, Ag in the Classroom (AITC SK) and our local and provincial agri-business partners.

Interested in getting involved? Send your inquiries to claudine.oliver@sharpes.ca