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Crop Input Products

Liquid Fertilizer

About our Dry Fertilizer Products

Sharpe’s is known for being a leader when it comes to liquid fertilizer. Logistics, delivery, and quality are second to none. Unparalleled hours of operation for on time, in field or to the yard delivery will ensure that you can focus on what’s important, getting your seed in the ground!

Liquid blending available in Moosomin, Langenburg, Rocanville and Stockholm.

  • Liquid systems are low cost, safe, easy to use, and offer tremendous application flexibility
  • Liquid can be applied in the fall and spring, before and during seeding, and also after emergence
  • Easy to design nutrient programs for any crop or cropping system
  • Application kits easy to install on most seeding and tillage equipment
  • Easy to change application rates on the go or when changing fields
  • Application options: seed placed, surface banded, deep banded, broadcasted, point injected, foliar applied, and through irrigation systems
  • Accurate placement enhances nutrient uptake translating into improved yield


We work when you work. Unparalleled hours of operation for on-time, in field or yard delivery. Contact your nearest Sharpe’s branch for details and prices.

Agronomic Benefits

Timing, flexibility, accuracy of placement, and a concentrated band of liquid fertilizer maximizes nutrient uptake by reducing immobilization and enhancing nutrient interaction.

Economic Benefits

Save time, reduce labor, fuel and equipment costs, conserve moisture and increase yields all in one pass.

Product is available at all Sharpe’s locations. Contact us to discuss your individualized nutrient program and blending options.